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Effective Hairline Restoration and Scalp Micropigmentation Near Houston


When you need a hairline restoration specialist close to Houston, you can count on The Brothers Scalp to give you the treatment options you need, including scalp micropigmentation and microneedling for hair loss. You can count on our hair micropigmentation specialists to give you the look you want.

Turn to The Brothers Scalp for Micropigmentation or Microneedling for Hair Loss Near Houston

When you turn to The Brothers Scalp close to Houston, you can rest assured you’ll get the hair restoration solutions you need to ensure the best results. The following will answer some of your questions before reaching out to us.

How long does scalp micropigmentation last? Scalp micropigmentation can last up to eight years, although it will gradually fade over time.

How long do hair transplants last? When you get a hair transplant, you can expect the results to last a lifetime. It’s the longest-lasting solution to hair loss issues, but may require additional treatment, such as scalp micropigmentation, to achieve the best results.

Is micropigmentation better than a hair transplant? Micropigmentation creates the illusion of more hair, making it a better solution for thinning hair. However, if you have bald spots or other severe hair loss, a transplant may be required.

Should I get a hair transplant or SMP? When you meet with our medical team, we will go over the pros and cons of each procedure and recommend the most appropriate solution for you. For individuals with thinning hair, SMP may be the best choice. A transplant is a better option for those who suffer from more extensive hair loss.

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