Payment plans easy as 1,2,3!

At BroScalp, we understand that in spite of this procedure being a life changing treatment, it can become an important investment for you. That is why we have developed a simple, easy to follow payment plan, and the best part is no credit check is required!


How does it work?

After receiving your personalized quote, just pick the package plan that suits you best, and start your plan, it’s that simple! Once you are close to finishing the payments for each session, contact a professional at (832)790-4600 to set up your appointment. You can cancel the remaining balance the day of the appointment in case you have not done so already.



-Do not start your payment plan if you have not received your personalized quote, or if your quote has already expired.

-A 2.9% fee is automatically applied to each payment.

-Money is NOT refundable in case you decide to stop making payments before completing the total amount; however, that amount will still be deducted when you do come in for your session.

-You are responsible for stopping your payment plan once all payments are done. Our team is not able to do so, but they can assist you in instructing how to cancel the payments.

-You may choose more than one plan if you wish to.