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Who We Are

One of our two artists, Cali, discovered SMP while searching for a hair loss solution for himself. And when he went with his brother, Esteban, to do his treatment they were mind-blown about this innovative life changing technique. They were so intrigued by the industry and treatment that they started a family business with the aim to help people feel more confident and youthful. Today, the business has been going for over 3 years and completed over 200 successful procedures.

,At The Brother's Scalp, we focus on giving our clients the young, natural look  they deserve while maintaining an affordable cost of treatment. We are specialized on giving you a pleasant and relaxing experience on your journey to restore confidence and feel like you are part of the Brother's family. We go at your pace, our staff will take the time to explain every detail of the process. What are you waiting for? Book a FREE consultation and start your process to bring back the hairline you lost years ago!

Two professionals working in the studio.
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